8511 K-Type cable markers K-Type® markers are used to identify wire bundles, cables, pipes and conduits using specially designed oval shaped, individual characters that slide on to a PVC carrier, which is then attached to the substrate using cable ties. K-Type® markers are ideal for post termination applications or where retrofit is anticipated. These markers are supplied yellow with black legends and in the standard International colour code option and are supplied on reels. K-Type® markers come in one standard size to fit carrier strips that can hold from 7 to 18 markers and are made from a plasticized PVC material.
Printable Tie-on Cable Markers expressMARK ETC cable markers are designed to be the perfect solution for fast, permanent and cost effective marking of cables, conduit, pipes and valves. The die-cut cable tie slots make application of printed markers both quick and simple. The product is manufactured from industry leading LFH material and therefore makes them ideal for applications where low smoke, low toxicity and zero halogen are critical. The UV stability of the product has been rigorously tested to the equivalent of 18 years exposure.
Heat Shrinkable Wire Markers expressMARK ETM sleeves are designed to meet the wire and cable marking needs of customers with high performance requirements. Made from durable, flame retardant, radiation crosslinked heat-shrinkable polyolefin, the marks are permanent immediately after printing and remain legible even when exposed to abrasion, aggressive cleaning solvents and military fuels & oils.
Insert Markers & Clear Carriers
Self Laminating Labels
Stainless Steel Marking expressMARK SSM identification products are designed to meet the requirements of the most hostile environments. All products are delivered to you through a dedicated service to meet your marking requirements and ensure prompt turn-around. Simply email your data to us and we shall provide you with an order confirmation and due date for delivery. Any instruction for packing of your markers, can be advised allowing us to identify if you require dispatched by set, batch, field area, expressMARK Stainless Steel Markers INDUSTRIAL UTILITIES PETRO-CHEM RAIL MARINE AEROSPACE MILITARY TELECOM Stainless Steel Markers alpha or numerical order. This leads to ease of pickability and improved productivity at site as markers will be catalogued in an organised fashion.
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Desktop Cable & Wire Marking Systems

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